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A creeper. Someone who acts very strangely, or unhuman, and could be easily mistaken as a retard. Is also used very commonly instead of the word pedophile.
Krista: "Dude! Look at that freako over there! Why is he on top of a cat?"
Caitlin: "Major freako."
by cfitz_owns July 15, 2008
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A freako is a bad freak. The antonym is feeko. Freakos are not very nice people. They are usually politicians, real estate agents, loan officers, people who work at the metro, Canadians, or car salesmen. Common symptoms of being a freako are talking too much about something pretty irrelevent. Freakos usually have no friends.
Freako 1 - Well, blah blah, and you should buy this, and did you like this movie it was very blah and I like bleh commercial and are you going to vote for blah? Are you going to buy that blah? That blah house is really blah. Man, You should.
Person 2 - YOU FREAKO! I WISH YOU WERE A feeko!
by Ahad August 08, 2006
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