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To freak out at an extreme level with either uncontrollable convolutions or hand gestures. To Frank out you must go beyond the level of freak out and use random words and noises that do not make any sense and also move hands and body in an uncontrollable manner, much like an individual with Touretts syndrome having a tick.
When Jen found out the love of her life was coming to the party she started franking out.
by G.Keiz June 28, 2007
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Franking, Franked:
When you are so high that any noise you hear in you house/apartment makes you think someone is trying to arrest you, just like Ann Frank listening for Nazi's in her attic.

Frankers normally say things like, "Shh, what was that man?" or "Shh" followed by the silence of the franker listening for noises.

Normally used to describe a bud smoking novice, but a serious smoker can frank out just the same.
I think Dj smoked way too much, look at him franking out over there.

Last night I was hella blazed man, I kept hearing noises in my kitchen. I was franking out hardcore.

Dude am I franking out or did you hear that door slam
by ThaBirdman December 09, 2010
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to appear so sketched out that you don't want to commence in an activity.
"Im not jumping off this rock into the water it could be shallow "
"Quit FRANKING OUT and jump."
by rsfoster April 09, 2012
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