A slightly misplaced college student who will ear-rape any soft spoken individual with his long drawn-out accounts of worthless events.He will often refer to himself as "Frank the Tank" as he chugs many beers later showing you he is mere child throwing up for hours. His male cheerleader physique will suggest he is a homosexual but no man will ever take him. While procrastination is his favorite hobby, he does enjoy the occasional 3 hour nap.
That man is so unmotivated that he must be a Frank.

Dude, you were such a Frank last night, you threw up for hours.
by Bill McKibben April 15, 2008
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Frank is the best guy a girl could ever wish for. Handsome and smart. Romantic and knows how to treat right a girl. His dick is huge like wow! I love franks because they are also hilarious! Everyone needs a frank in their life especially if hes your bf then you are LUCKY!
My boyfriend is the example! also got 2 other frank buddies.. they r the best <3
by Mrs.E November 25, 2012
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Frank: An Italian guy who lives in New Jersey and has an 8 inch long penis, bangs a lot of girls no less than 7/10 and gets that paper.
Girl 1: Damn frank you have the largest penis i ever seen!
Frank: Yeah i know.
by Frank1919191 September 10, 2011
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A kid who looks like a pear and thinks he can get all the girls
"This kid kept trying to get with theses girls , he's such a frank"
by Theevelkeeper1 June 18, 2016
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1. blissful food
2. having the same meaning/exchangeable with "thanks"
Franks has the best food.
Eating franks last night was so romantic.
by Chris Lou April 13, 2008
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the best at, hangman, politics, xbox 360. getting ladies to respond to "hotty wanna shake it?" in a positive manner. having the ability to answer any riddle correctly within minutes. having chuck norris in his fab 5. being in Chuck Norris' fab 5, #2 spot. (only chuck norris can be #1 in his own fab 5). At bball, similar to a mixture of Kobe, Shaq & LeBron. Can do an actual full backflip in secret if he wants to and no one would know. Can dance the funky chicken while eating a slice of pizza, a taco, and a plate of super nachoes while doing a keg stand at the same time. p.s. the keg would be filled with 10% ethonal fuel because Frank is also the utmost environmentalist.
Jarrod: Man, can i be Frank with you?
Jarrod's mom: sweety you can't be frank with anyone...i drank when i was pregnant with you....sorry but your screwed
jarrod's mom: dang it mom!


Kevin: Magic Genie...I would like to become Frank
Magic Genie:....
Kevin: Magic Genie?....I only used one wish so far...
Magic Genie:....i would rather stay in here a million more years than put in the amount of work it would take to turn your sorry butt into Frank....go home please, throw me back in the ocean
by Frank Way April 24, 2008
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When you randomly ask a girl to suck your penis and she says yes.
Boy- Hi, would you like to suck my penis?
girl- Yes
Boy- K,lets go to the 8th floor staircase so ms balansag can say noo frankkk ur doing it wrong..
boy-yooo me and that skank just pulled a frank
anthony- Your a fucking lier... YOUR UGLY :D
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