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Franced (Fr-ance-d) past tense verb

Synonyms: Sickened

The word was first described by Professor Cillian Mongoloid of the University of Barntown, as dis-rectifiable-injustice-punishment. Its origins are believed to be inspired by tear inducing comments made about France's Rugby world Cup campaign in 2011.

To be Franced is to have in some way had your day ruined in an unjustified and sickening manner.
Running for a bus only for the driver to close the doors and pull off laughing.That bus driver just franced you.

The opposition scoring the jammiest goal in the last minute against the grain then ripping the piss out of you, really "francing you".

Your a about to score with someone but get cock blocked. "ah man i just got franced by this asshole".
by Prof. Kevin Cuckle DangerForce October 16, 2011
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A Northern English, especially Lancashire term for being horrendously drunk and in too fragile an emotional state to carry on with a night out. This comes from the good old politically correct stereotype that whether it's war, football or music, the country France gives up on everything.
"I just had 10 pints of Stella, I'm going home, I'm absolutely franced"
by Sullivanus Maximus October 24, 2011
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