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When a female has a rather cold vagina; most common in eastern Russia; a rare sexual fetish but, in older women, often used to store and cool beverages.
Stephen: i was going to have sex with Gwen but my wiener shriveled up!

Dowley: what? why?

Stephen: She had a fradge dude, it was freezing!

Dowley: a what?
by SaberMoFrigga December 27, 2011
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To be absolutely fucking epic.
(from the Mary Poppins term super-cali-FRADG-ilistic-expi-ali-docious) (FRADGE)
can be used for any noun
wow, that was fradge!!

you're pretty fradge, d'ya know that?
by E.Brady December 19, 2009
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Short for 'fragile'. When someone is too sensitive to take a joke, friendly ridicule or badgering.
Dude: You're such a douche.
Dude 2: Shut up, dick.
Dude: Quit being so fradge.
by mko0nji9 August 26, 2009
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