Fractions are a part of a whole object.
There was only a few fractions left of the pizza!
by DictionaryWitch March 23, 2017
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refers to the historical tendency of blacks to be considered 3/5 of a person. Used as a way of degrading obnoxious ghetto ass motherfuckers.
Damn this line be movin' slow as shit cuz they tryna add up all dem fractions! They got 18/5 people up der!
by jquandaexxonvaldezjackson September 26, 2010
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1: of, relating to, or being a fraction
2: of, relating to, or being fractional currency
3: relatively small : INCONSIDERABLE
4: of, relating to, or involving a process for separating components of a mixture through differences in physical or chemical properties
First, fractionally ownership of real estate assets for investment purposes is not new, said Nils Kok, an economist and associate professor of finance and real estate at Maastricht University, in the Netherlands.
by Ms.lolipop July 01, 2020
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1) In mathematics, the process of turning whole numbers and/or variables into fractions by adding numerators or denominators.

2) To create a number expressed in the form a/b.
In order to solve this equation, we will first need to fractionize the x term.
by smudgetool March 21, 2011
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