A Subaru Forester that was made before 2009
Damn look at that sick fozzy drive by
by Fozzyguy April 7, 2018
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An oath of a being that can create wild stories from anything, a fozzie can talk for hours about past experiences that everyone else forgot about years ago. A fozzie has an abnormally good imagination and injects a lot of hyperbole into his tales, often leaving the listeners wondering how much of his tale was actually true.
That story was a load of fozzie
by thelorddd November 9, 2011
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One of the greatest Metal bands ever. I've never been a fan of CHris Jericho, but his bands rocks!
If you've never heard them go to fozzyrock.com
by Kristina Delonge July 2, 2004
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The Greatest Metal band of all time

Huge Rock Stars
Person 1 :Man, did you hear that new Fozzy song ?

Person 2 :Yeah they are HUGE Rock Stars

by Pat May 13, 2003
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A feral Australian. Usually this Australian will wear board shorts and thongs while styling their hair in a 'Surfer' manner. They are generally feral and come from the lower society.
Bob: 'Hey look! There's a Fozzie on the beach'
Fozzie: 'Shut up, mate'
by Bob Johnson2009 October 14, 2009
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describes a BAWSE!
by Fozzy786 October 5, 2011
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