1. A person who describes themselves as a Democrat, but is actually quite conservative, such as Zell Miller. FOX News always gives them airtime in hopes that they can claim to be "fair and balanced."

2. Someone on FOX News who is actually a liberal, but either dumb or weak, and exists primarily as a punching bag for the conservatives on the show. Alan Colmes is an example.
by AVoiceofReason June 19, 2006
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Someone who claims to be a liberal or Democrat, but has positions and a voting record reflecting that of a conservative or Republican. See also DINO.
One who is often called a "Fox News liberal" is Alan Colmes, co-host (with Sean Hannity) of Hannity & Colmes; he is criticised by liberal commentators, including author and talk show host Al Franken, as weak and unable to effectively debate his decisively conservative counterpart.
That op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal is the weakest rebuttal to the pro-Bush article he was trying to refute. He's a milquetoast Fox News liberal if you ask me.
by LudwigVan September 7, 2005
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Niles and Frasier Crane type people who think they're liberals but are conservatives who sit on the couch all day to drink beer and watch Fox News. They also vote for Donald J. Trump. They're idiots.
Fox News liberals are self proclaimed liberals who are actually conservatives and listen to what the dumb fucks over at Fox News tell them.
by A great mind... October 17, 2020
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