If you have glasses.
"I'm calling Jamies Winston four eyed because he got glasses"
by FSUHater3 August 04, 2015
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a word used as a put-down. it is a person that wears glasses and is a person you do not like.
"You are a four-eyed-fuck".
by Bob December 09, 2002
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The four-eyed vampire is an extreamly gay creature with 0 brain cells. This creature wears glasses and has vampire teeth. He also has an extreme swearing addiction using the words gay or fag in every sentence. He is also racist btw
Guy : wow look at that freaky dude with glasses

Other guy : wow it’s a wild four-eyed vampire
by Tim the Tampon February 13, 2018
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An insulting term for people with glasses that you do not like.
Shut up you four-eyed fag!
by brownie shyttles January 29, 2010
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Four eyed cunt a miserable cunt with glasses usually born into money and has an ego as big as texas.This twat is so miserable he owns a business and told his staff at Christmas time there is no bonus but pockets a wad that would choke a racehorse.Also the type that would have hidden cameras to spy on staff the peeping tom four eyed cunt
Hey did Wes give you a gift card this year?
Nah man he is a miserable four eyed cunt
by Ragnar Loddbrok October 14, 2018
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When someone wearing glasses comes out of nowhere and fists you in the ass.
Cooper met the four eyed fister last night and had to learn how to walk again.
by The man who defiled the moon December 12, 2013
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