For sure, fosho, put together with beezie.
An extra kick to for sure/fosho.

"Damn that girl is hot." " FOSHEEZIES!"
by poweredbychicken July 1, 2008
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1. with no reluctance or doubt in mind.
2. duh
3. word said after a redundant statement is spoken.
1. Mother: Did u finish your homework?"
You: "fosheezy."
2. NE 1: "12 eggs are a dozen eggs."
You: " fosheezy"
3. yer gf: " r u sure u've dun this b4?"
You: " 4 the last time, fo-she-ezy.
by twitchy November 7, 2003
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Word Meaning "That is correct", when something is well said. Also acceptable: Word
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jermaine dupris way of saying "i wanna be just like snoop dogg and make my own gay ass language"
yo! i'll be up in the club 1 tweezy!! meet me there, fosheezy my neezy!!
by j dogg August 4, 2003
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A bigass mothafuckin blunt
Yo we gonna smoke that fosheezy tonight?
by yea dog February 4, 2005
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