Straight up slutty bitch, who talks shit about everyone and has a new guy every week.
Fortunato is such a WHORE
by klghdfgnkl November 23, 2010
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term used to describe a fat person usually a latino male. also known to take advantage of others and is a class a con-artist
Stop being a fortunato.
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A renaming of the hit game show Wheel of Fortune. It's a way of makimg fun of anyone with the last name "Fortunato."
Hey! Wheel of Fortunato is on!
by John2019 August 7, 2021
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a jewish prostitute with a huge penis that breaths fire and has a dildo for a tail....can fly for a short period of time, and has her period 5 times a minute.
by Rahmaglano October 11, 2011
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A person who is naturally lucky in life and brings good luck to those around them. Fortunato’s are known for their large penises and confident demeanor. Fortunato’s are also immune to curses and cannot be jinxed.
I hooked up with fortunato and his huge penis last night.
by Luckyonethirteen November 25, 2021
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