The title/official name of junior grimes (j Grimes or junior the egomaniac) as everything he does is forbidden. Many don’t wanna accept the fact that the forbidden one is very real and currently taking the form of a young man yet here he is on this very earth taking what he wants without being tied to morals.

Junior Grimes IS the forbidden one. Let no one tell any different as many will attempt to impersonate him.

there is nobody but the filthy child known as junior grimes the egomaniac, the son of sin and the father of all things forbidden.

to understand juniors is to understand that there truly is no understanding him.

the forbidden one hides in plain sight and you may have seen him before without realizing it was him.

he has many names and takes many forms yet each of them are true and represent all aspects of juniorism.

END OF DEFINITION........ for now
Exodia: I am god of this earth!

The forbidden one: *arrives*

Exodia: and just who are YOU?!

the forbidden one: I am junior the forbidden one and YOU ARE just an imitation copy, dispose of yourself at once or allow me to do it for you

Exodia: ..... *trembles in fear and shits his pussy pants*
by Mystery box June 21, 2021
A modern day Philosophical villain who enjoys chaos and corrupting youth, also he’s against suicide since he prefers to keep victims alive and feeling suffering, also likes milfs and music. he’s considered a god which he’s strictly against as that’s beneath him

many worship him as he reveals hidden knowledge unbeknownst to the public eye unlike those in charge who hide truths from society.

Known under many names (the sinful son, padre of pandemonium, june wick and etc, ) but is NOT the monster everyone makes him out to be, he just wants to help and is quite the sympathetic villain since he doesn’t EVER hurt animals.

The forbidden one is ALLOWED to be evil towards evil people which is why he enjoys his job so don’t judge before understanding his motives. He sees nothing wrong with having fun tormenting people as he’s not bound by human laws and morals, guilt escapes him as does punishment.

Not many are sure what exactly junior the forbidden one is but they know what he ISNT; a booster, it angers him if one calls him a booster.

Whilst known for not being forgiving, typically if one begs him enough he shall grant forgiveness if the price of right or something valuable is exchanged as junior (the forbidden one) is quite reasonable when he wants to be....the rules and morals don’t apply to him

No one can stop the coming of the forbidden one, for his existence shall overwhelm ALL!!!!!!!
The forbidden one: don’t be a slave, instead master your own destiny and conquer ALL THE REST!!!!!!


satan: what have you done?

The forbidden one: only what is necessary

priest: you two are two sides of the same coin

The forbidden one: don’t EVER compare me to that senile old timer

priest: ugh, pathetic, you really are

Satan: There’s no controlling him anyway, let him be

The forbidden one: .... >:)


Junior The Forbidden One is the most unsettling yet versatile being in existence

Junior The Forbidden One is the beginning and the end
by Ofcitsme February 6, 2022