Football is the most common title to describe a sport that involves moving a spherical ball down a field on average 120 yards long and 80 yards wide without the use of the players' hands. Players can use any other part of the body (feet, head, torso) to move the ball. The point is for a team to get the ball into a goal on the opposite end of the field.

Soccer, today, is mostly famous as a minority term for football used mainly in the United States. The term was coined by the British to differentiate between "Association Football" and Rugby Football. It is derived from "Assoc." and is related to the slang "brekkers" and "ruggers" for breakfast and rugby respectively.

Today, soccer is used to describe football in countries that have other sports also called "football". The most famous example is the United States. The term is also very popular in Canada where American and Canadian football are both popular sports. Soccer is also used in Australia to differentiate from rugby. "Soccer" did not become a particularly popular, nor official, term for the sport in the United States until the mid-1970s and the sudden explosion in popularity of American Football.

Football/Soccer is the most widely played sport today, though it's popularity lags in the United States and Canada.
by Tavish MacFayden May 13, 2010
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A white ball with black spots. The balls are exactly the same. It's football and it's soccer.
Random person 1: I love football!

Random person 2: That's soccer not football!
Rational person: Dude Football=Soccer calm your tits
by TRLSG March 15, 2015
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the best sport in the world! better than hockey, football(NFL), and any other sport u can think of.
Jepordy host: For 300 dollars, and a chance to move into the Finals, what is the best sport in the world?
Bob: What is soccer?
Jepordy host: Well done! Congradulations!
by Katie June 14, 2004
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90 minutes of waiting for something exciting to happen.
I watched soccer (football) today. That's an hour and a half I'll never get back.
by rugbykiltman June 22, 2014
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