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Pussy, especially on a fat girl. The more disgusting the girl is, the more appropriate it is to say foosy!
I can't believe you actually ate that girl's foosy!
by BertInc April 13, 2010
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This is a definition for the game Foosball. The saying is one used by one of the best players of the game, the late Terry "Joey" Smith. Joey and his dad began adding "-ies". (playfully) to the ending a lot of words when he was 11 years old (1989). The -ies endings stuck and anyone they came in constant contact with began using the endings to their words also. I see lately that many words include Joey's quirky "-ies" to their endings and have been making the rounds from social media to product names (via Dan and Joey, no doubt).
Anytime you win/lose a "foosies" match in a "Foosie" tournament , you must shake your opponents' hands in sportsmanship.
by KennethCline April 11, 2017
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Foosies refers to the indoor sport of the game of foosball. Also, the goalie retaliatory shot reference is foos it and/or foosball and/or table soccerand/or Professional Warrior/Tornado Championship Foosball Tables
"The U.S Open Championship foosies tournament is going to be held in Vegas this year. Are you gonna foosies with us or stay home?"
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by KennethCline June 13, 2017
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