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Having sex, coitus, sexual intercourse.

An old Barbadian term, still in use.

NB: In Barbados, this term has nothing to do with pooping or farting, but everything to do with sex.
He and she were fooping under the trees.

The neighbours were fooping so loudly, it woke me up.
by Mile Tree September 21, 2013
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When one is taking part in both the acts of fapping and pooping at the same time.
Because prof got caught Fooping at work, he now has to be a secretary instead of working at the pool.
by foopingftw July 20, 2008
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To browse, update status/pictures/information, or make comments on Facebook while on the toilet anticipating or performing a bowel movement.
I was at the airport waiting and trying to pass some time while Fooping you.

Facebook status: "is Fooping" *like*
by lexus99 January 27, 2011
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When you're in the process of pooping, and you happen to let a fart slide out.
Person 1:"So Dave, let me tell ya, I was taking a crap the other day, and I farted while crapping, it was great."

--Person 2:"Ya I love when then happens, did you know its called fooping?"

Person 1:"Really? Well goshdarnit Dave, you do learn something new everyday, now don't 'cha?"
by BradS January 04, 2007
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(verb): To have sexy time with someone and to also enjoy their fecal matter simultaneously.

Pronounced like pooping except with an F instead of a P.

(Noun): Foop
Speaker 1- I heard Jack and Jill went up the hill and they didn't get the bucket of water. Instead they used the bucket to clean up after they start fooping.

Speaker 2- :o No way.
by Foopmasta August 03, 2011
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V. "Facebook" posting to an unsuspecting "friend" or "wall" while privately using the toilet.

N. Fooper- One who regularly combines two necessary functions in their life, Social Media and Taking a Dump.
Keeping ones self occupied while using the toilet has always been a challenge. Once Facebook became primarily a Mobile function, Fooping was only a logical next step.

1) Amilia can't get to the toilet fast enough in the morning, so she can begin Fooping with her friends.

2) Always running short on time, Fred finds that his best Facebook posts are created while taking a foop in the Men's room at work.
by Rev. D July 04, 2013
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