1: “Food-High” is the natural feeling of intense euphoria before or after one’s favorite meal, or consumption of favorite foods.

2: Certain flavors of foods and/or herbs combined can also create a physical reaction causing a state of feeling high.

3: A surreal feeling when absolutely full,causing a natural "high".
1. Mom's cooking always gives me a "Food-High".

2. Certain spicy foods cause certain reactions, and different levels of "Food-High's".

3. I ate so much, I think I'm on a "Food-High".
by Sally yoo-whoo? April 1, 2007
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a natural high occurring from eating a mighty fine meal. food highs are usually experienced by fat kids
Those fat kids Veronica and Michelle are on another food high, maybe we should join them.
by fat kid for life December 23, 2006
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1. Where 50% of kids come because no other school accepted them.

2. Where 3/4 of the kids don't like to cook.

3. Where there is a bunch of unnecessary drama.
Food and Finance High School
OMG, I hope freshman leave FFHS as soon as possible.
by MillyBobbyBrown June 25, 2018
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The school where lower class men Pursue relationships with seniors where it absolutely goes no where and they look like a thot because they suck dick in places such as... stair case, Parks and auditoriums
Didn’t that Food and Finance high school freshman/ sophomore suck dick in the auditorium lol such a thot
by FFHS BIG K June 25, 2019
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Lameass school with the most homosexuals on West 50th st also known for "the school that locked a wimpy boy in a freezer."
Remember when people locked a pussy bitch In a walk in fridge at Food and finance high school?
by Nugget daddy August 25, 2017
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High Food is any combination or concoction of ingredients that could only be considered edible if under the influence of marijuana.
Why on earth would you combine peanut butter, pickles, and hot fries?

Don’t judge my high food! It’s a pretty good sandwich when I’m stoned.
by AngryDuckNoise April 16, 2018
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A cooking school were 72% don’t want to cook

75% of them got in because no other school wanted them

There was kid you was locked in the freezer and was never heard from again
by SomeRandom34 October 16, 2021
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