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Fontbonne Academy is a small, private Roman Catholic college preparatory High School for girls, located in Milton, Massachusetts, USA. It is located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. It was started in 1954 by the Sisters of St. Joseph. The school was fully accredited in 1959 by the New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. Accreditation has been consistently renewed for ten-year periods.

Enrollment has multiplied from 97 students in 1954 to more than 620 in 2004. The student body is drawn from more than 60 different cities and towns throughout the Greater Boston area. Supported by a challenging curriculum,a two-building campus with state-of-the-art science, technology and language labs, and a first-class faculty and staff, 99% of last year’s graduating class went on to college.

The Academy is named for Mother Saint John Fontbonne. The Congregation of Saint Joseph was disbanded during the French Revolution and was re-established in 1807 by Mother Saint John Fontbonne in Lyons, Frances.

* 99% of graduates go to 4-year colleges.
* 7 AP Courses: Art portfolio, Biology, Calculus, English, French, Spanish, and U.S. history.
* Foreign language(s) taught: French, Latin and Spanish. (2 credits of one language are required for graduation)
* Students are required to complete one hundred hours (25 hours per year) of service outside of school to fulfill graduation requirements
* Standardized tests used to evaluate applicants: HSPT (High School Placement Test)

Athletic program

* Basketball
* Cheerleading
* Cross Country Track
* Ice Hockey
* Indoor Track and Field
* Golf
* Skiing
* Soccer
* Softball
* Spring Track
* Step Team
* Swimming
* Tennis
* Volleyball
* Intramural Sports: Basketball, Flag Football and Lacrosse


* Anime Club
* Association for Diversity in Action (ADA)
* Best Buddies
* Campus Ministry
* Communiqué Club
* Computer Club
* Choir
* Equestrian Club
* Fontbonne Ambassadors
* FBA Tymez: The Fontbonne Academy School Newspaper
* Fountainettes Dance Club
* Game Club
* Good Fountain Drama Production
* Gospel Choir
* International Club
* Instrumental Ensemble
* Jazz Choir
* Liturgical Dance
* Model UN
* National French Honor Society
* National Honor Society
* National Spanish Honor Society
* Peer Education
* Peer Ministry
* Robotics Club
* S.A.D.D.
* Select Chorus
* Service Club (Campus Ministry)
* Student Council
* Stylus Literary Magazine
* Wellspring
* Yearbook
* Track

Alma Mater

We come seeking living waters
Of wisdom and of grace.
We are searching for deep draughts of knowledge,
Ideals to embrace.
Come let us sing.
We have found the good fountain,
Rich and clear are her streams,
Enhancing us with her beauty,
Giving life to our dreams.
Through our veins flows the truth she is teaching,
Truth that we now may give.
No land is too far for our reaching.
In us Fontbonne shall live.
Come let us sing,
For our hearts are filled with laughter,
On our lips there is song.
We are women of courage,
By this fountain made strong.
Girl #1: I've just been accepted to Fontbonne Academy
Girl #2: You must be so excited!
by illneversay February 02, 2008
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Fontbonne Academy (FBA) is an all girls Catholic school in Milton, Massachusetts. Known for being the "fat chick" Catholic school in MA, FBA girls refuse to acknowledge the fact that right as they mention they go to FBA, any boy will stop liking them. Fontbonne is also known for it's old facilities and horrible campus. The uniform for FBA is not attractive either, a blue, yellow, or white polo accompanied by an ugly khaki skirt. Fontbonne's rival is NDA (Notre Dame Academy), another private Catholic school with a better campus, prettier girls, and better academics. The only good thing they have is their Drama program, but even that is declining.
BC High Boy 1: Uh I just scored the hottest chick from Fontbonne Academy.
BC High Boy 2: Damn you got the only one left! Bob and Dylan have the other two.

FBA Girl 1: We're playing NDA in Soccer today!
FBA Girl 2: I'm scared, they always beat us!
by likeilleversay November 18, 2007
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