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Fontbonne Academy (FBA) is an all girls Catholic school in Milton, Massachusetts. Known for being the "fat chick" Catholic school in MA, FBA girls refuse to acknowledge the fact that right as they mention they go to FBA, any boy will stop liking them. Fontbonne is also known for it's old facilities and horrible campus. The uniform for FBA is not attractive either, a blue, yellow, or white polo accompanied by an ugly khaki skirt. Fontbonne's rival is NDA (Notre Dame Academy), another private Catholic school with a better campus, prettier girls, and better academics. The only good thing they have is their Drama program, but even that is declining.
BC High Boy 1: Uh I just scored the hottest chick from Fontbonne Academy.
BC High Boy 2: Damn you got the only one left! Bob and Dylan have the other two.

FBA Girl 1: We're playing NDA in Soccer today!
FBA Girl 2: I'm scared, they always beat us!
by likeilleversay November 18, 2007
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