Your back up or The people that help you out
Franky: Yo None of yall niggas got my Follow up. Yall gonna let them take my Shit.
by SleepingGhost567 January 11, 2014
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Medical term for hormonic variations control , by periodical blood-test (concerning thyroid gland diseases)
follow-up : control of hormonic variations , by periodical blood-test (concerning thyroid gland diseases)
by acevince October 29, 2015
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Artistic, musical, literary, or other creative endeavor created or produced after a similar, usually debut work by the same artist. A follow-up can be intentionally produced in order to cash in on the success of the work that preceded it, or the term can be attributed simply by virtue of the fact that the artist has produced something before the work in question.
And now with a follow-up to their 1965 smash hit "Love Me Do," ladies and gentlemen, the Zombie Beatles!
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The act of writing on someone's Facebook wall, poking them, or sending them a Bumper Sticker after seeing them or hanging out with them, often to make light of a joke or incident from the hang-out session. Usually pointless, but creates excitement in the form of a new notification.
Girl #1: Matt and I played frisbee together earlier today, and usually he writes on my wall after we hang out. I'm wondering what I did wrong.
Girl #2: What? No Facebook follow-up?
Mother: Kids these days and their inorganic methods of communication.
by RidicYule May 7, 2008
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The need to pee that comes shortly after you have just peed, usually because you drank a large amount of liquid prior to the initial pee
"I really have to pee."

"Didn't you just pee like 30 minutes ago?"

"Ya, but I had a large coffee right before that, so this is my follow-up pee."
by ben viper July 30, 2009
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After a guy blows his load; either solo or in the company of a tight pussy, and then blows another in succession.

The nut is only considered a follow-up nut, if two key pieces of criteria are met:

1.) The nut must be blown in the same session as the previous.

2.) The refractory period must not exceed 10 minutes in length, before the successive nut is ejaculated: “t > 10 = FUN”.

Should all criteria not be met (i.e. the refractory period exceeds 10 minutes in length; or the successive nut is blown in a future session, the nut is not to be considered a follow-up nut but instead falls into the classification of “The law of iterative nut busting”).
Dude, last night I blew a fat load in my wifes pussy and the pussy was so good that she squeezed out a follow-up nut which completely drained my sack!

After last night, I have been shooting blanks.
by Chumplemonks June 23, 2021
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The follow-up jiggle is a part of the process of male urination, usually in toilet paper-less setting, such as at a urinal, during which the male shakes all drops of urine from his penis, so as to not let them fall into his pants.
Chaz: "Bro, you've got some yellow stains on them white pants of yours. You been forgetting to do the follow-up jiggle?"

Hank: "Nah, brotha... I've been doing to follow-up jiggle. You know what they say... 'No matter how much you wiggle and dance, the final three drops will fall in your pants.'"
by Jimboo424242 October 17, 2011
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