Someone who is generally "not all there" upstairs.

Could also be someone who you care to belittle and leave them confused as to what the word means.
Other: Hello "Your Name Here"

You: Whats up Folie.

Other: What?

You: "Chuckle and walk away while shaking your head from side to side"
by Kodec June 19, 2008
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Fear of losing iphone:

The fear experienced by a person when they are worried about losing their iphone. The fear is exacerbated on nights out during or after the consumption of alcohol. The fear is at its most when the iphone cannot be found for several minutes, the person is then said to be in a state if FOLI. The FOLI is strongest in those who have already lost one or more iphones and it is said that these people may live in a constant state of FOLI.
"I had serious FOLI for about ten minutes until I eventually found my iphone."

iphone mobile phone fear loss
by nicktaf November 26, 2013
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Used with humor, as a simple statement, in a conversation when you strongly disagree with the majority. Originally a French term used in psychiatry to describe a mental disorder in which two or more associated persons share the same delusion. In other words, you are saying "The two of you share the same delusion." Translated "madness between two."
Two others state "G. Dub is an excellent public speaker." In your disagreement, you respond with "Folie a deux!"
by Michael Moyer August 11, 2006
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A different and more polite way of saying 'holy fuck'.
Foly Huck mate, luk at da tits on that
by Graemers November 29, 2005
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basically its a "spoonarism" of the phrase "Holy Fuck" or aka balking tackwards for the lamens.
What in the foly huck are you doing, laughing at that womans bologna nipples?
by DaMonkey™ April 16, 2006
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Singular, foly or foli. Plural, folies or as many I's, E's, and S's at the end as you want. Folies is basically a person who tries to hard to follow trends set. It can also be used as a slang for fags, fools, retards, or all at the same time in 1 easy word.
Guy 1: Whut are you wearing?
Guy 2: So you noticed my new outfit.
Guy 1: looks like the ones from that celeb there.
Guy 2: yeh, that's where i got it from.
by DamnFolies August 20, 2011
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