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An amazing, funny, kind, caring, sometimes crazy person who everyone likes as soon as they meet. Happy birthday to all Foggins.
Girl 1: Have you met the new girl?
Girl2: YES! She is amazing she makes me laugh so much and shes such a great friend, all the boys fancy her as well.
Girl 1: I've never actually met one but she must be a Foggin!!
by happybirthdayfoggin!!! February 25, 2012
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Foggin is the name given to an Internet Super Hero, who is made of fire. He is so Godly that he forced Jesus to commit suicide by trolling everyone saying he was the son of God, knowing that Jews would crucify him, he then got Jesus's twin brother to come back and pretend to be Jesus resurrected. 2009 Years on Foggins' trolling lives on. He also advertises lynx deodorant, and shows teenage girls on the internet over 9000 different ways to set themselves alight.
A: "Do you shave?"
B: "Yes, with wax, why?"
A: "Next time try Napalm."
B: "Wait are you Foggin?"
by Rozzzzzzzzza July 16, 2009
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is an expression used to rate the intensity of an event or evening...
is also possibly known as fog which can be a possible term for fondle or any other sexual connotation, use your imagination
1. Last night we had a foggin good time
2. Fog me before I fog you
by xaidsx January 03, 2006
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Used to annoy your friends by saying over and over again in a sentence all the time
Yeah so she was foggin' the other day and she just seemed so fogged.
by P********* February 08, 2008
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