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The coolest fucking pokemon ever! He is a dual ground and dragon type that was introduced in the 3rd generation of pokemon. Because he can fly and is based on a dragonfly he should be four types (dragon, ground, bug, & flying). The overused pokemon Garchomp is often considered to be a better version of Flygon, however unlike Flygon, Garchomp looks stupid and is usually used by nubs. When used by the right trainer Flygon can be a boss and could OHKO most pokemon with an earthquake attack. The only other pokemon that could possibly match Flygon's awesomeness is Gallade.
Pokefan 1: Hey dude, I was thinking of making a dragon team or a bug team.

Pokefan 2: Are you going to use your Flygon?

Pokefan 1: Fuck yeah!
by Carlito12 October 02, 2011
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Flygon is a large, light green, insect-like dragon Pokémon. Flygon's tail has several dark green stripes and three green rhombus shapes at the end. Flygon has a pair of green rhombus-shaped wings, toeless hind legs and three-clawed hands. Flygon has red-lensed "goggles" covering its eyes and a pair of green antennae.

This dragon Pokémon is highly adapted to life in the desert, these adaptations have given it the nickname "the elemental spirit of the desert". When it flaps its wings, it inadvertently kicks up a cloud of dust, which serves to protect it from potential enemies. Its eyes are covered with thick lenses, which prevent particles of sand from disturbing its vision. The flapping wings create a very unusual "singing" sound. Because this sound is usually heard in the presence of sandstorms, it was thought that this Pokémon was the spirit of the desert.

Trainer 1: Hey do you see that sandstorm over there?

Trainer 2: Yeah. That "Sandstorm" may have been caused by a Flygon because of its powerful wings.

Trainer 1: ok... whatever. Im gunna catch it!
by CraziiNinja February 16, 2009
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