To waste time by drinking outside during daylight.
Hey bro, its nice outside today, you wanna fly a kite. Sure, I don't have shit else to do.
by LUVSIK June 3, 2010
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(1)mail sent to or from jail, for or from inmates
their basic means to keeping contact with those on the outside.
also may contain details on who someone wants to be killed
(these persons are known as "hard candy")
"When I'm 'Flying A Kite'...
Prison Niggas Off Shit With A Quick Letter"
by Brick-City August 18, 2006
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To leave a secret message where only your intended recipient should be able to find it.
In Gang Related, Ryan told Daniel to "fly the kite." Later, Ryan fished a note out of the toilet tank of some cheap Mexican restaurant after ordering 2 tacos.
by 3H3 August 2, 2014
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to masturbate; typically used when referring to male pleasure.
His hands were tired after flying the kite all afternoon.
by Jersey girls October 14, 2012
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To be high on drugs, especially ecstasy or other psychedelic drugs.
Oh my God, this song makes me feel like I'm flying a kite!
by xxxx____sss August 5, 2009
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When a man is having anal sex with a woman while on her period and reaching under to hold her tampon string.
My friend asked me what do I do with the tampon string when having anal sex with my girl while she was on her period, I said I hang onto it just like I was flying a kite.
by Beaner 1 September 30, 2010
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flahy-ing thuh kahyt-verb-when, in the act of anal intercourse due to a cycle of menstruation- the male lies on his back and female in the cow girl position, tugging on the dangling tampon string as though the wind were pulling the female away from the male.

flew the kite, will fly the kite, etc.
This chick is on the rag, so I'll be flying the kite tonight.
by dfc739 September 17, 2009
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