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An English phonetic version of "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau", the national anthem of Wales, written by Swansea poet Nigel Jenkins.
My hen laid a haddock, one hand oiled a flea,
Glad farts and centurions threw dogs in the sea,
I could stew a hare here and brandish Dan's flan,
Don's ruddy bog's blocked up with sand.

(Cytgan - Chorus)

Dad! Dad! Why don't you oil Auntie Glad?
Can whores appear in beer bottle pies,
O butter the hens as they fly!
by Koshevoi July 23, 2010
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A ruse used by one nation as a false pretext for invading another, often but not always humanitarian in nature. Refers to the World War I propaganda put out by the Allies accusing the Germans of slaughtering Belgian babies.
The claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was a Belgian baby; in reality, self-interest rather than humanitarian concern was the motivating factor.
by Koshevoi July 23, 2010
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The experience of being high, especially on LSD. Derived from the 1967 song "Flying High" by Country Joe & The Fish.
Man, the other night, Steve and I were totally flying high! We each took a tab of Orange Sunshine, and I felt like I was merging with all the furniture in the room!

"And I went flying high . . . all the way." -Country Joe & The Fish
by Koshevoi July 23, 2010
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1. In Indian slang, a promiscuous woman.

2. In Bollywood cinema, a woman who appears in an item song; (hence) a female actress, singer, or dancer, esp. one who is poised to become a star.
1. Priya is such an item girl, yar! Look at how revealing her dress is!

2. Many an item girl has lip-synched to the voices of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle.
by Koshevoi July 23, 2010
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The miraculous effects of Viagra. A play on the name of the basketball player.
Albert was getting on in years, so he turned to Magic Johnson for assistance in pleasing his wife.
by Koshevoi July 23, 2010
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