Fluffball is a cute person, who means alot to you. Fluffball is a person you can talk to all day/night long, Fluffball will always be with you and you will always be with Fluffball. Fluffball is love.
Me: I love you Fluffball <3
Fluffball: I love you too <3
by DoIKnowU? June 21, 2019
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Someone who purports to have technical experience in their chosen field, but lacks a fundamental understanding of concepts beyond anything that isn't the buzzword of the month.
Wilford: Hey John, have you met our new Penetration Testing Lead, Camille?
John: Yea, wasn't she in Performance Reporting last week?
Wilford: She up-sold her skills to management and is now a respected SME in her new field.
John: Gee Wilford, she sounds like a bit of a fluffball.
by TheFauning February 13, 2018
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1.what your scrotum sack is when you apply marshmallow fluff to it.

2. soft things like animals that are cute and /or fun to pet
Mohammed Abdul WeepWeedWord got so drunklast night that he turned his scrotum into fluffballs. It took him an hour to get it off the next day.
That chinchilla is so cute. Its just a little fluffball.
by shmaters gee May 13, 2009
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fluffballs is very funny and always in the walls watching but is captured by the cage and is a hostage to me the alpha. Fluffballs is a very precious, amazing and great person and is kind to everyone thats why i took fluffballs cos fluffballs is the best out of everyone. Fluffball is the smartest person i know which is why i have her taken to use knowledge to my power to devour the world me and my little pookie fluffballs will be rulers of the world. No one can stop us cos fluffballs like i said before is the best person everr and everyone wants to steal fluffballs but NOOO i fight off and fluffballs will be mineeeeeee hostage forever even when we ascend to hell our power will be so strong that we rule hell. So this is why fluffballs is the greatest ever and very pretty little treasure.
fluffballs is mine and forever if you try and take my little pookie wookie fluffballs i will have an anvil fall on your face at night
by alpha+fluffballs July 15, 2023
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