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Maja is the cutest, smollest, most beautiful Girl Ever seen to making. She will make you happier than the biggest amount of money, her nickname is Also “Fluffball”. She will be the star of your Dreams. If you Can get her, that is.
Boy: “You’re the cutest, most GORGEOUS Girl i’ve Ever seen”
Maja: *Blushes* “Thanks”
by DoIKnowU? December 18, 2019
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It means "non eatable objekt"
It is also the name of an character in the movie "The matrix"
"You are a N.E.O!"
"A what?"
"A N.E.O"
"What is that?"
"it's a Non eatable objekt"
"Well i think some people might wanna eat me"
"Keep thinking that thought"
by DoIKnowU? March 25, 2018
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Fluffball is a cute person, who means alot to you. Fluffball is a person you can talk to all day/night long, Fluffball will always be with you and you will always be with Fluffball. Fluffball is love.
Me: I love you Fluffball <3
Fluffball: I love you too <3
by DoIKnowU? June 21, 2019
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