A term used by the the Los Angeles gang The Bloods to refer to there rivals, The Crips, favorite color Blue

A term used by the Crips to refer to there favorite color without useing the letter B
1) BLOOD: you a crab, u sick wit da flue you bitch ass nigga
2) BLOOD: Im a True Flue Killa
3) CRIP: Im a rock dat flue rag
4) BLOOD 1: Iz you sick nigga?
BLOOD 2: yea im C-Sick, fuck da Flue
by babyboyshady August 31, 2004
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The word Flue is someone who creates fake, false and/or imaginary, non existent things.
Wow haha, you pulled a Flue! That Fannual you booked really paid off! Enjoy your Europe trip!
by scoops0815 October 29, 2018
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A term used to indicate that an employee is taking sick leave under questionable circumstances.
Pashnavi will be out of the office for the next three days nursing the flue in Miami Beach.
by groin_heavy January 14, 2015
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The Ideal Ass, The Perfect Ass. Just The Right Amount Of Switch, Great From All Angles, Cheeks Bounce Up And Down Like A Basketball. It Looks Good In: Sweat Pants, Bathing Suit Bottoms, Panties, Booty Shorts, Leggings, Etc. Never Loses Its Appearance ….. NO MATTER WHAT!
-OMG Bro Look At That Ass....
-Yeah Man She Has A Nice Flue Flue!
by Dubbie Phresh April 20, 2015
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When men over exaggerate when they have a cold
Little bitch boy has the man flue when it’s only a cold
by Sina.d May 24, 2021
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An ethnic slur used by insensitive people to smear Chinese with blame for the most destructive pandemic in living memory (COVID-19). "Kung Flu" and "WuFlu" imply the virus is a flue (which it is not) while mocking Chinese culture by incorporating traditional Chinese martial arts terms Kung Fu and Wushu. Meanwhile, thousands of Chinese have suffered and died from COVID-19.
"Dude, I think we need to skip the gun show this week to avoid catching that Kung Flue. Social distancing sucks, but at least we can read Reddit and Breitbart from home, and troll lots of Asians on YouTube."
by YesTruthHurts March 29, 2020
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"you can have that twenty quid back nexed week mate" "yeah and pigs can fly" "i know that swine flue right over my head"
by ooligist May 1, 2009
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