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When the Flu Virus finally collides with the Ebola virus and creates an airborne super virus killing people instantly and resurrecting them into sweating, bunged up, sneezing zombies.
The World has been devastated by the mutated super virus Flubola.
by Tiggs31 October 11, 2014
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When the public thinks they have Ebola but have not come into any form of contact with someone who has it. A combination of flu with Ebola =flubola. Normal viral illness.
"I have vomiting. Diarrhea and a cough."
"Ohmygosh! you have flubola"

"Ahhhh the zombies are coming"
by Ambeezy October 18, 2014
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a combination of the flu and ebola used by people who feel so sick they themselves believe that they will die.
1. OMG I need to get to the doctor immediately, I think I have flubola!

2. Flubola has hit my household, everyone in this bitch is sick.
by superskyy December 08, 2014
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FluBola: A disease created when Flu and Ebola have "the nasty"
FluBola: Discovered by Vincent
"You gave my twin FluBola"
by GalaxyQueen April 28, 2015
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