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1.The cereal and milk you can never finish, and it's always there!
2.Any fluid that your straw can't reach.
Jimmy was very annoyed when florp appeared in his bowl.
by WordDefiner45 November 27, 2016
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A species that is nocturnal, lives in a cold environment and is somewhat venomous. Can be a trusty companion when you get to know them. Normally happy unless you mess around with or tease them.
Holy Sh*t is that a wild Florp!

Dude my friend was bitten by a Florp, he almost didn't make it.
by Gravy God September 14, 2019
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To alternately press your two hands into your genitals or ass and, while sniffing one, offer the other to a friend to smell.
"Oh - shit - I've been florp-d!" Or "I walked in on the two of them in a bathroom - the one wearing the codpiece was florping the other one very quickly... maybe it was foreplay?"
by Amy Outbreak May 30, 2008
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To make sexual motions towards one.
Oh shit jermy is Florping you, I can't be near you, sorry.
by Florper January 29, 2019
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