Has lots of hurricanes and old people who cant drive or vote. Its too bad the hurricanes dont ever dominate the old people. This state also has lots of tourists who crowd all of the over-rated theme parks. Florida is the most southern state, but "acts" the least southern of the southern states. Got it?
Oh you're going to Florida? Don't get hit by those old people that get thrown from hurricanes, you stupid tourist.

Florida driving is the -- *swerves* STUPID TOURIST GET OFF THE -- *screech* WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING STUPID OLD BITCH!!
by SHAZOM August 13, 2004
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Florida is a fucking hellhole full of idiots,morons and especially DEADBEATS! Every loser in the country gravitates down to the dick of america to avoid paying their bills,child support etc.Then if someone comes after them,the file bankruptcy and stiff everyone.If you dont speak spanish,you may as well forget it.The Cubans who lived there for 30 years dont even try to speak english.The best day of my life was when I moved from that shitbox back to the West Coast
Florida is a hellhole full of deadbeats,crackheads,losers and fucking morons
by SmartGirl August 19, 2006
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Southern state I spent the past five years in and never want to go back. Filled with dumbass redneck preppies. Everything is half assed. Has blistering hot summers and freezing winters. The only good thing about it is Daytona Beach and Discovery Cove in Orlando. Its pretty much just for old people and touring. Its one thing to visit Florida, but a WHOLE other thing to actually live there.
I fucking hate Florida.
by Adaira July 06, 2007
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a place that is full of old people and hot girls. Known for its Beaches and warm summers.
person1: Florida sucks man. nothing there but old people.
person2: that only half of florida. the rest is hot girls.
by Bam June 29, 2003
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state filled with rip-off tourist destinations, old geezers, and a fucked-up election
In Florida, old people played bingo
by 0000 October 16, 2003
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(FLOOR-I-DUH)The direct result of allowing white trash to control/run a state.Also a state full of specific examples on how to THOROUGHLY F$#K most ANYTHING up beyond the realm of normal screw ups,and without ANY possibility of repairing the screw ups.
When the 9/11 terrorists wanted to get their pilot's licenses and legal papers they went to the stupidest state in the country,Florida.Due to the fact that Florida is ALWAYS concerned with the wrong thing.Instead of worrying about the safety of the country,the dumb red-necks were concerned with the money they were going to make.
by Anthony Buonaiuto May 20, 2008
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