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A crasy idiot that was biten by a radioactive florida who uses his powers to comit the dimbest crimes on the planet of erth one of his reacoring enemis is the gator his powers are the powers of a florida what makes a lot of peopel angry because it never realy got defined what powers a florida has so florida man is just god there also is florida woman a pralle univers Version of florida wher his wife got biten the word florida man comenly apers in news articels abou bis crimes
Florida man atmpts to Steam the mon
Florida man rastet for trying to male fallout a riality by throwing Rocks at are51 guards

Florida man arestet for seling lives of Pop as magical healingslime
Florida man gets arestet for throing a child into a lit full of alligatord
by Helpeverythingisalredytaken December 29, 2020
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