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Welcome to Florida Christian School! We are non-denominational affiliated school, yet we are condescending of the Catholic church and our entire staff is Southern Baptist. Don't be fooled, we will some how take your money, one way or another. From forcing your children to walk miles in a Walk-a-thon, to, having hundreds of "No uniform days". Think we will put the money back in the school by upgrading it? You will start seeing updates about 10 years after fund raising with low quality construction and paint. Our priority is to teach the world using the Bible. By saying this, this means that if your child doesn't pass Bible class, they can not graduate from Florida Christian School. Most students who graduate, end up going to Miami-Dade, or other unknown "colleges". Every year we raise the price of tuition, but do not worry, if your family goes to the same church as Dr. Andrew, your child will be able to go to the school with no tuition fees; because people who actually pay, are paying for your child as well. Not all teachers have teaching degrees. There is a total of 4 electives to take, and low quality teaching. The children of teachers are treated as gold and get to go to the front of the lunch line while other student, who pay, have to wait in the heat to eat the low quality, D rated, cafeteria food.
I hear by oath that this information is true, as I attended this school for 10 years. Luckily, I did not graduate from here.
Student 1: "So what was for lunch?"

Student 2: "Why do you ask, its the same thing everyday"


Teacher: "The catholic church is going to hell because they added books to the bible."

Student: "Actually sir, the Baptist church was the one that took out books from the bible, because the Catholic church was the first church.."

Teacher: "get out of my classroom"

^^^^ that actually happened to me at Florida Christian School (FCS)
by Alumni Student February 01, 2011
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The faculty was well you know "Very Christian" they live their God Worshiped lives throughout the week and later on the weekend they're like lets get drunk and party. Far worse than the fellow students. Every person at the school has their favorites. You have the deens horvering the school frightening fellow students handing out demerits and referals, mostly to the students they dislike, or hate.
The uniform wasn't a big deal, you'd have to abide with the rules. Yet, they have so many "no uniform" days were you don't have to wear the uniform, I wonder where that money goes to... Also one thing that was absolutely ridiculous was the school jacket. If it gets that cold a student should be able to wear their own jackets, not the school jacket! Plus they never have those jackets in stock and if they do, its the completely oversized ones.

continued in part 4...
Florida Christian School (FCS) is a dump.
by Student411&101 October 23, 2011
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The school is a dump. Yes a DUMP! Any public school is better for both cleanliness and education! The school is both white and blue, reminding people of a jail, or jail cell. Many refer to the school as a jail in fact. The school is filthy, gum covering all hallways and even walls. The school is so cheap, the 7 years I attended the school absolutely no renovations were made! If there were.. well they were unoticable. The only "nice" rennovation they created was their little butterfly garden. Their cafeteria was far beyond disgusting, where they cooked the food was worse. Plus the people they had running the cafeteria were low life gold diggers who often cursed eachother out and spit in our food. Most of the food was very disgusting, mostly all greasy, they served pizza and the most disgusting low quality sandwiches, a soda fountain, an assortment of Little Debbie snacks and a variety of candy. The people working at the cashiers were gold diggers! I mean you would hand them the money and they'd put it down their bra. Plus depending on who you were they'd charge you more or less for the food you buy. The lines to get into the cafeteria were always long and they would let in the students they liked the best or the ones that had family in the faculty.

continued in part 3...
You go to Florida Christian School (FCS) ?
Man that sucks.
by Student411&101 October 23, 2011
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The classes at the school have no variety. For example, there is a maximum of 4 electives. Band-many people take but you must buy or rent an instrument. Choir- a fun class, many people take and just mouth words, the only bad thing is the mandatory appearances you must make to sing at these ridiculous festivals that the school holds. Art- you basically have to be good at it to pass. Home Economics- Alright class, basically the only easy class you can take to get an easy A in, you can fail all test and quizes and yet pass. What I find to be the funniest is that students in 9th and 10th grade take Pre-AP, my friends in public schools were taking full AP classes. Florida Christian says they hold academic pretige and advancements, well when I started my junior year in public school I was a lost puppy, I felt stupid compared to everyone else. Students at the school were usually arrogant and pompous about their academics, telling the world they were much smarter than public school students, when in reality the public school students knew much more. But I have to say, I am thrilled I left the FCS for public school, I've learned so much in 1 year than in 2-3 years at Florida Christian.
continued in part 6....
Florida Christian School (FCS) is not a good school in my opinion.
by Student411&101 October 23, 2011
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Also the daily prayer in class.. In EVERY class, EVERY 45 minutes were absolutely unnecessary. Plus if a teacher heard you curse or saw you do something bad out in the hallway they'd stop and pray with you. Absolutely again unnecessary and ridiculous! Also, you never saw Dr. Andrews, it was like every day he wasn't at the school, he was off in paradise, yet you saw the deens and principles of elementary, middle and high school hovering the hallways. Oh and also there was like an Index of the Forbidden Books all students must also abide by! Books containing myths and legends, such as Twilight was inacceptable. To me, that is absolutely ridiculous, there are so many books, such as To Kill a Mockingbird that were forbidden, and if they saw you reading it, they’d take the book from you, call your parents and either give you a referral or demerit. Oh and don't get me started with forbidden music...

I hereby put myself under oath that I am telling the truth, as I attended the school for 7 years.
Florida Christian School (FCS) is not a good school.
by Student411&101 October 23, 2011
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The only way to pass and graduate the school is if you pass your Bible class, which is 100% bullshit that you'll never need in life unless you become some religious radical. The only thing that I had benefited from that class is learing to quickly memorize the memory verses in the morning or class. Next, the classes, which we only spent about 45 minutes in, which was really only 20-25 minutes of pure learning and teaching, really because the teachers had no control over their classes and because the first 10 minutes of class were spent praying, gossiping and talking about some Bible verse. Thus, moving on to my next topic, the lying and secrecy that goes on throughout the school. Most teachers mainly gossip about the most ridiculous things and don't really care about teaching the class. Secrets fly around the school and teachers socialize like there's no tomorrow.

continued in part 5...
Florida Christian School (FCS) smells.
by Student411&101 October 23, 2011
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I will be attending an excellent college next year, which reminds me that no one from Florida Christian ever excelled and went to a prestigious college, they were always "unmentionable" colleges, when in reality most claim to go to the University of Florida, home of the gators, but they really end up going to Miami-Dade Community College.

Oh before I forget the Chapels the school holds.. They are usually time consumers and what teachers hope for every Wednesday to avoid teaching. Usually kids hold up their hands and pretend to care, so they aren't yelled at later in class, if you chewed gum or used your phone in chapel its usually a referral and the deens give you a lecture and make you apologize to whoever gave the sermon that day. The sermons were usually boring as f*** I had to have friends nudge me to keep me awake, and the whole standing up and singing for like 45 minutes.. Yeah you get the jest of it, doing that for 52 days a year, well you end up memorizing those songs in a heartbeat causing you to have insomnia and haunt you. The sermons, well they were boring.

continued in part 7...
Florida Christian School (FCS) resents books like Twilight.
by Student411&101 October 23, 2011
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