Float me is a new term used to describe the the act of sucking a dick, similar to sucking up the creamy ice cream float. (chocolate or vanilla). It's gonna be thick. Its gonna overflow regardless so you might as well suck up and enjoy it.
You can float me all night. I have all the ingredients.
by Sumbitches June 19, 2013
V. The act of giving 1
Gram of substance in which will be paid for on a later date.
"Aye DeQuontias if you float me a g I'll pay you next weekend double."
by mostcallmeclark December 8, 2013
To be emotionally surprised about an unexpected event.
I got a promotion at work, met a girl, and had my coffee paid by the person behind me all in one day today. It floated me!
by Ceifaroey August 29, 2021
To be surprised about something
I couldn’t believe it, I got a promotion at work today for no reason, it floated me.

A strange girl walked right up to me a asked me out, it floated me.
by Ceifaroey August 29, 2021