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a cute little tortoise with the smarts of 10000000000000000000000 people she will take over your brain
omg, look at the tortoise!
oh that's flippy the tortoise don't make her mad or shell kill u
by kam the ham August 29, 2022
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Also known as a dick when not in an erection.
Your flippy thing is wet.
by Adolf Feldkamp August 11, 2018
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Mid-West speak for Flip flops, Shower shoes, or Chanclas. In America TSA calls them Slippers, as in, “Excuse me Sir. Sir? Sir! Please put ya Slippers in the X-Ray machine.”
Correct usage, “Dad, my feet still fit my Flippy-Wonkers?!”

Incorrect usage, “Dad, have you seen my Flippy-Wonkers?”
by Dr. Elven Caulks September 3, 2021
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