Young JUZ: ay man Dat gurl over dare is hella smoove
Tj: Man dont mess wid those, she a flipp & will fuck the whole team
by youngjuz03 June 30, 2009
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A flippe floppie is when a woman has had intercoruse so many times that her vagina has become streched out and long. You know if you have seen one when you are watching porn and when the woman takes off her underwear her flippe floppie(vagina) unfolds out.
dude1: Dude it was so nasty she had a flippe floppie.
dude2: sorry man that sucks.
dude1: yeah i throw up on it.
by porn watcher February 11, 2010
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Means the same thing as "harden the fuck up" but the speaker is not yet hard enough to bust out a four letter word.
Why don't you just Harden the flipp up!
by febikes September 1, 2012
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secret way of saying F*** or Sh**
in place your not allowed to (school, Youtube, ect)
Teacher: Do you do your homework
You: Flipp i forgot
Teacher: *what did that mean*
You: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by JohnnyWasNotHere February 27, 2018
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To hit or strike someone or something so hard, it causes either:

1) the subject being referred too's head to instantly dive downward frontways towards it feet and in between it's legs, instantly sending it's feet in the air in from behind in a "Flipping" motion, landing flat on its back or side.

2) instant jolt in a reverse, raring motion to where the afford mentioned subject's feet fly forward out from under and into the air causing an instant pancake landing action, flat upon it's back and spine, rendering the subject instantly motionless.

Both situations are know to cause extreme pain, a concuss state or instant death.
."I hit that Mother Fucker so hard, I chicken flipped his punk ass!"

"Last week , I chicken flipped a deer at a buck-thirty with my new rifle"

"That ho chicken flipped home boy when she hit him down on third wit her Lexus"
by Woot386 December 20, 2019
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A tall and thin woman with giant boobs and amazing ass you couldn’t ask for anything better then a flippe
by HypersensetiveCUM September 10, 2022
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