An expression of being scammed, swindled, or cheated on.

Past example: flim-flamned
Example 1:

Tony: "he so thick I can't wait to flim-flam him into thinking I'm his friend"

Tom: "then that's when we will lead him into the trap"

Example 2:

Jay: "Tommy's English!"

Ray: "No you foul he's a crypto-Jew he reads the Talmud. You've been Flim-Flamned"
by One Large September 3, 2019
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Is used in reference to someone who says they're going to doing something and they don't.
Why did you pull a flim-flam on me, I thought you said you would take one for the team.
by Bruce D. February 20, 2008
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An umbrella term to use in place of most descriptive words. Such as "shit".
I'm gonna beat the flim-flam outta this dude. Hard...in his flim-flam face.
by The Omnipotent One October 12, 2019
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when you cheat people out of their money. a trick to get peoples money
oooo u got flim flamed by a geezer
by joe john February 11, 2003
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Sometimes spelt 'Phlim Phlam', a bloke who tries to swindle you, to take advantage, someone of low moral character who doesn't mind being a con-man, he's a joker, a sweet talker, and he's good with his hands and mouth.
Don't talk to Jimmy over there, he's a Flim Flam, he'll take you for every penny you got.
by Reznov Wolfbane May 9, 2020
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Flim-Flammed Verb: see fucked
Man you got Flim-Flammed
by Pimp J.C. May 12, 2003
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Bullshit; A farce; Absolute Nonsense; An untrue statement.
That dudes talkin that flim flam nigga, aint nobody eva slap the taste out a babies mouf...NEVA!
by Mark Eads October 25, 2006
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