This is the term used when something is so nice that it is "fucking" nice.
This beer is not just nice...its FLICE...
by Mottleydog June 25, 2012
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Flouse is a word derived from the marriage of the words flat and house, it refers to a smaller than usual 1 bedroom house that although has 2 floors, is no bigger than a flat. See also 'Flouse ball'
This party is crap, lets go back the the flouse with some cans and play flouse ball!!!
by richard. d August 23, 2007
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a cross between a flower and a mouse as a result of hybid experiments involving small mammals and plant life
"why,.......that's a nice lookin' flouse you got there Mr. Stuuzencranz."
by paul leslie rosenstock September 23, 2003
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