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i.e. Flawless Execution.

To perform something perfectly.
To kill shit.
“Show ‘em how it’s really done. Hit ‘em with that flexicution.”

“This is what the people said they wanted from the young boy; from the– from the– from the God
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by Corone June 28, 2018
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A term and funny word for killing shit. Originally made by Logic as a song and a word.
Person 1: Did you hear about that guy that fought lil pump?
Person 2: Nah bro, but that sounds like a Flexicution.

"Logic got the crowd hype when he played Flexicution"
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by toohype December 23, 2017
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When someone is bragging but not really gloating in repetition.
God damn, Mike be on some flexicution with those expensive shoes
by IAmOmar May 13, 2016
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