Most commonly used when internet chatting. Short for the urban expression “word”
Yo, did you pick up the cd players for tonight?
by reevstar November 08, 2005
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slang meaning; fat, worthless, bad; and having no social life what so ever.

its also still used as a subsitute for virgin.
example sentence.

"dude you havnt gotten laid yet you wrd."

"johnny you havent gone outside in 4 months you wrd."

"you havent finished the game yet? okay wrd."
by baller1080 July 27, 2007
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1. A shortened version of the word, “word” meant to agree with a claim of something. Typically used by mfs who are too lazy to type the whole word and think they are “gang”. They also like to suck dick in their free time.
“Hey man, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies tonight!”


What do you meanwrd”?”
by Thatfeshdoggydog September 22, 2021
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Whiskey Related Drink, i.e. whiskey and coke, whiskey and ginger, etc. etc.
I had one too many WRDs last night
by rhi-wizzle November 21, 2006
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Girl 1 'how are you?'
Girl 2 'idk good i guess'
Girl 2 'wrd?'
Girl 1 'I'm going to target'
by Dwight schrutte July 15, 2019
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Internet slang, short for "Oh, Word?". A hip-hop variation of
"O RLY?"
Q: Wu-Tang is gonna be at 'Rock The Bells'!

by Dann Manahan May 11, 2006
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Really means "well word" which is said in a time of dissapointment/grief to hide the fact that you are slowly dying inside mentally and psychologically. This is usually said after malding in a dota 2 match.
Boy1: gg we lost, fuck this game, report my teammates.
Boy2: Well wrd.
by BrandyRumRum May 22, 2020
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