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Most commonly used when internet chatting. Short for the urban expression β€œword”
Yo, did you pick up the cd players for tonight?
by reevstar November 08, 2005
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slang meaning; fat, worthless, bad; and having no social life what so ever.

its also still used as a subsitute for virgin.
example sentence.

"dude you havnt gotten laid yet you wrd."

"johnny you havent gone outside in 4 months you wrd."

"you havent finished the game yet? okay wrd."
by baller1080 July 27, 2007
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Girl 1 'how are you?'
Girl 2 'idk good i guess'
Girl 2 'wrd?'
Girl 1 'I'm going to target'
by Dwight schrutte July 15, 2019
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