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A flaccid erection, not containing the "umph" of a true erection. Oft obtained by men when just waking up, needing to go to the bathroom, or sitting on the bus thinking of nothing sexual whatsoever, so life becomes embarrassing when you stand.
Woman: Give it to me, Man.
Man: Sorry Woman, I've only a flection.
Woman: Then what the fuck good are you?
Man: To you, not much.

6th Grade Gym Class
Gym Teacher: Child, get up and climb that rope.
Child: I can't...
Gym Teacher: Why the hell not?
Child: I've begun to notice girls and it's given me a flection.
Gym Teacher: Oh. Well I hope you're thoroughly embarrassed.
by greason January 20, 2010
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The state of one's appearance, until see in a second material making a reflection. As long as you can see the object in person then it is a flection. If seen in any other way, like a TV, then it is their reflection
"Your flectioning good today."
"You flection good without braces."
by Scott & Paul December 01, 2003
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