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Someone or something that you don't like or agree with. That is not acceptable

Pronounced flaaaah-zaay or

Fla-zeee or flaze
guy 1: yo you seen that nigga he was acting mad fake when he was around her
guy 2: that nigga is flaze
by Thugnifficient September 09, 2016
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When someone acts fake or acts like something that is your disliking
Friend: he wouldn’t let me sign up for the contest

You: that’s flaze
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by Lilkaykay509 October 15, 2017
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blaze, get stoned, the act of smoking marijuana

flazed: to be high/under the influence of marijuana, the state one is in after flazing
Yo, you feelin a flaze?
Ya, I'm down to go flaze

Man, I'm sooo flazed right now
by Team Flazer November 24, 2010
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1) A positive word combining "flame" and "amazing," used to express the highest level of approval.

2) Dope; Legit; Clutch.

3) A word meaning "awesome" that derives from a pun off of, less than lyrical, D.C. rap artist Lani Flaze.

4) Facetiously and\or mockingly calling something awesome when it in fact sucks.
"I just went to the casino and won a stack off five dollars." "Flaze."

"Damn, I forgot to buy a 'rello at the gas station."
"It's cool. I have a pack in my bag."
"Ahh, FLAZE!"
by Suka83 May 01, 2016
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