One who believes in the theory of flat earths, perhaps as a result of having either a flat head or flat testicles.
Two flat-earther astronauts go into space.

"Look dude, we're orbiting a blue pancake!"
"Holy fuck! That's a funny ball-shaped pancake!"
by masterblaster01 January 17, 2018
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a person who does not accept or is out of touch with the realities/ beliefs of modern times;

one who blatantly dismisses/ disagrees with common knowledge or scientific findings.
Joe doesn't even believe the planet is round, or that we landed on the moon... he's a flat earther.
by G-Money12321 November 10, 2013
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A Flat Earther is a person who pursues the belief that the world is flat, and tries to discredit centuries of astronomical discovery and scientific advancement, based on a childlike limited understanding of science and religion. No amount of proof or evidence will convince a Flat Earther that the earth is round like a ball, because their brain lacks the capacity to understand this reality.
Because he is a Flat Earther, he believes that if you go up high enough in a balloon, you can see all of the continents at the same time, because he thinks the world is flat.
by Moving Forward March 06, 2018
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An imbecile who was dropped on their head as a baby multiple times or divorced people who want to die
Yo that bitch is a flat earther. She tried to talk to me yesterday and I think I lost a brain cell
by Mesa big boy February 17, 2019
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A separate line of the genus homo sapiens (Humans) who believe that earth is flat. They lack in comprehension and learning skills seeing they believe earth is flat which is of course WRONG.
Random people in the internet: Earth is actually flat, get your facts right.
Me: Hahahahaha, flat earther are stupid
by deathlol November 14, 2017
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A fucken retard who is lonly has no friends and sucks cock as a male all day, he is a peice of dogshit ass bitch who sits in his basement eating cheetos while picking his belly button gunk and and selling it on ebay
Flat earthers are gay fags
by Cute Anime Girl6969 November 14, 2019
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Idiots who are mentally retarted and think this earth is a peice of paper
Flat Earthers are mentally retarted
by Eazy-E Jr. October 17, 2018
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