Did you know that the natural habitats of a "Flat Earther" are the YouTube comment sections of Flat Earth videos?
by ihaetschool December 19, 2020
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Anyone so dumb that they believe the entire planet is flat, space and gravity are fake created by the government, and that any argument made against them to prove they are wrong is "Just what school TELLS you." Being a flat earther is a whole new level of stupid, it is impossible with anyone to make a valid argument against them without them saying "Well gravity doesn't make sense to me so it's fake." Flat earthers are also usually liberal femenists who happen to be gay or transgender (or some other gender, such as elephant) because that's a thing now.
Person 1:"Oh look, a flat earther convention!"
Person 2:"I bet the combined IQ of everyone in there is less than 50"
by CatEarthFTW May 1, 2018
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Someone who doesn't believe something if they see it right in front of them.
We sent a flat Earther into orbit, and he said he thinks the windows distorted the Earth to make it look round, so he wouldn't be able to trust his own vision.
by Dozenal>Decimal July 21, 2022
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One who pursues the notion the Earth is flat and discredits any valid scientific reasoning which proves otherwise.
Karen is a flat earther who receives all her information from Dr Google and Facebook and rejects scientific consensus to back up that the Earth is actually a sphere.
by Rotten Turkey July 1, 2021
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A smooth brain person who thinks they know more than scientist who devoted their lifetime and billions of dollars into research, just because they watch a Youtube video or read a Facebook article.
by PomuHub September 7, 2021
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