A rounded, cloth cap that is absolutely brilliant.
Not a baseball cap.
Look at that awesome flat cap that dude is wearing!
by Coolness951 February 15, 2012
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Flat-Cap Driver refers to men of a certain age, 65+ out in their cars, usually on a Sunday afternoon but can be anytime really, who drive far slower than the road allows
Driving down the Motorway Maz and Giz encounter a slow car:

Maz (speaking out load to self): Hmm, come on it's not even Sunday, you're on a Motorway pick up some speed, you'll cause an accident driving this slow!!

Giz: Well what do you expect? Look you can see the driver, he's a flat-cap Driver, just overtake - can I poke my tongue out at him as we pass by?
by maz&giz March 8, 2010
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This cap is new out of the box and worn fresh with stickers entact. It is worn by one who prentends to show the status of their wealth by taking care of their clothes, keeping their jeans and clothes spotless, and through the fact that they are young hipsters, not all African, however generally from either LA, Northern California, or Brooklyn.
Dude, you are totally Santa Cruz with your flat -brimmed cap for an 8 year old.
by USucka March 28, 2016
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