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When an incoherent person who believes the earth is flat and everything is a lie rambles on about their whole belief on how it is "so obvious" that some big company would pay billions of dollars to lie to every civilian on the globe.
Flat Earther: "If the earth is round, then how come we have not been tossed into the ocean yet?"
Intellectual: "Please, stop flat earthing."
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by Omega-Dragon June 02, 2018
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When someone makes an arguement about something very stupid but no matter how hard someone proves them wrong, they make even dumber counter arguements over and over until the person gives up trying to prove them wrong. However, they know they're wrong and they're just fucking with him/her. Originated by flat earth believers
Guy 1-Dont smoke weed it's bad for you.
Dumb Boi-bruh weed cures cancer.
Guy 1- But studies show weed causes cancer.
Dumb Boi- But weed is a natural herb. How can nature be bad?
Guy 1-So is tobacco and that cau...
Guy 2 cutting of Guy 1-Hes in med school my guy hes just Flat-Earthing you.
by BigWumboy March 26, 2019
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