A person who believes that the state of being level conforms to a plane and rejects all evidence that a level surface can actually be curved.
Bev is the most annoying type of flat earther, because he rejects the term saying that mountains and valleys and hills mean that it’s not flat.
by Keigh See March 13, 2023
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Flat-earthers are people who believe the earth isn't a geoid and believe it's flat because of some bs they watch on youtube
Flat-earther: Can't you see that If I kick a ball water doesn't stay on it
Average person: That ball doesn't have a gravitational force bruh.
by SkS_defines July 22, 2023
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A group of people with mental disoders who think that the earth is flat.

It is a known fact that they have a combined IQ of 5 and everyone hates them
Flat Earthers are stupid as fuck
by ChoccyMilkIsGood September 18, 2022
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Someone whose mother drank while pregnant, though it is also a possibility that they have suffered a blow to the head, causing mental retardation.
Person 1: Did you know that Jessica is a flat earther?
Person 2: Yeah, her mom should have never had that one sip...
by ranocchio May 5, 2023
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Someone who doesn’t even have two brain cells. They lack a brain to store said cells in the first place.
Flat Earther: The earth is flat!!!!!!
Sane person: Shut up.
by Pialinist May 3, 2023
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someone who believes flat earth, and has trust issues with scientists.

they think the earth is some galactic frizbee or some shit
Flat Earther: can i take a look at the edge of the earth?
Airport guy: get the fuck out
by stpuid diodit April 27, 2023
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One of the most popular conspiracies
They believe the earth is flat
But what’s the point of hiding the shape of the earth
It benefits no one at all
Flat earthers would be seen as normal people in the 14th century I guess
by Lixie_ April 30, 2023
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