Some Finnish dweeb on the internet yelling at noobs or "Potatoes" as he calls them and raging about while playing the "Thinking Man's Action Game", world of warships.
Person 1: Yo do you know about this Flamu guy? His streams are funny af.
Person 2: You mean Flambass?
Person 3: Ha, Flambass? More like Flamu's Ass, get it?
Person 2: -visible confusion- ???
by CaptainZade May 12, 2020
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A condition which occurs after one ingests potently spiced food, causing a caustic expulsion from the anus, making said person feel as if flames are coming from their GI tract. Can be used in polite conversation.
Tammy: "Gosh, where was Gigi last night? She promised she would meet us on this blind date my cousin Clem set up for us."
JoElle: " Bitch! Please! Didn't you get her text? After her friend Josefina's baby shower, she had a debilitating case of Flamus which, despite Balmex, and a tub soak, nearly got her a skin graft and a colostomy!"
by CDru September 03, 2013
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