A game where you sink ships and call their captains mean names, then rage at your teammates when you die.
by Raging Consumer May 04, 2016
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World Of Warships, abbreviated WOWS, is a free competitive online multiplayer game featuring warships from the first half of the 20th century. Players can battle each other in standard battles (12v12), team battles or, occasionally, ranked battles (8v8). Playing against bots is also possible.

There exist four typs of ships: Battleships, cruisers, destroyers and carrier vessels. The former three types balance each other by a "rock, paper, scissors"-mechanism, while CVs are rarely played lately.
Players have access to tech trees of several nations, including the US, Japan, Germany, Russia, the UK and a few others, with tech trees still expanding, as more and more branches are released for a certain nation every now and then. A tech tree consists of 7-10 tiers per ship type, every tier being a (in most cases) historical ship class (e.g. the Iowa-class battleships being the tier 9 US battleship). A few premium ships are only available by purchase, but most are not worth the money; you can also pay to play to get a few advantages here and there.
*in team chat*
A:"OK guys, lets win this one"
B: *blames match-making for being low tier*
C: *gets the fuck sunk by first CV airstrike*
D: *detonates on first enemy salvo*
A: *sails into farthest corner while fruitlessly trying to snipe enemy ships and spilling salt in chat*

I love World Of Warships.
by anontheautisticretard November 27, 2016
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A boat game created by Wargaming that was initially promising, but because it was made by Wargaming, it ended up to be a cash-grab fuel of toxicity. Impossible to balance classes of ships, terrible game mechanics, a UI from the 90s, if it wasn't Wargaming, than it was probably the same people that made Mass Effect: Andromeda.
Friend 1: Hey man, I was going to play some World of Warships, want to div?

Friend 2: WoWs really? The game is so toxic, why would I play a game with bad developers, a community manager who was an asshat from PlanetSide 2 (RadarX), and 99% of players who think the game is CoD?

Friend 1: Oh wow ok, guess I should uninstall. Want to play some Hoi4?
by Cyborg_Chris March 12, 2019
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A promising boat game made by Wargaming, until you realize that it was made by Wargaming.
Why would I play World of Warships? 99% of the players are bad, they have a community manager who was terrible from PlanetSide 2, and they have such crappy developers!
by Cyborg_Chris March 12, 2019
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