A Welsh word used to describe a really saggy and gross fanny. Like the type of vagina you get after giving birth to 20 kids and then having daily gangbangs.
Hi I'm Jack Frost, I thought I got lucky! It was perfect... A night out under the stars with my babygirl, Elsa listening to some sexual music to build the tension. she crawled over the top of me and stared lustily into my eyes, she put one hand on my member and the other to undress. I took my shorts off, by now you could clearly see my hard member. Elsa slowed down when it came to taking of her panties, as if she was teasing me. When I looked up hoping to see her wonderful tight cunt, I saw that she had the most minging flammy ever! I immediately lost my boner and ran away. I never looked at Elsa or a Kebab in the same way again.
by Serena will bang for a fiver November 30, 2017
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a type of species that is commonly mistaken for a flamingo but has a longer neck and shorter legs. some can be multicolored flesh eaters while others can be exactly like dogs (including the barking)
woah that was like a flamingo!
no bob that was a flammy!!
by fiesalover January 7, 2017
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Prince Po's new record is FLAMMY. dope cool fresh awesome icy sick
by djstace April 27, 2015
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Xolphi:Yo Flammys, lend me 1mill.

Flammys:No way, I only have 15mill and 20mill coming in tomorrow.
by Xolphi January 14, 2009
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When something's "flammy", then it's lame, bad, it sucks etc.
This isn't a flammy run.
by Criav September 23, 2007
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Flammy Tammy - n. A girl that doesn't wear a bra. So when she moves or runs her breast bounce around in her blouse without support.
At P.E. you could tell she was a Flammy Tammy.
by k_cool September 15, 2007
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By the flames of Hell. Often used in vain. Hector says this a lot in The Eyeball Collector.
"Tartris flammis," James Cameron exclaimed after finding out Hurt Locker had won Best Picture.
by Merack Woslin March 18, 2010
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