A girl is giving a guy head and the guy blows his load right in her mouth.. After that hit that bitch in the back of the head causing her to choke on the nut and shoot it out of her nose.
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
When a man hold a lighter at the tip of his penis and lights his semen on fire as he ejaculates.
Hey you should have been at that party last night. Mike got so wasted he did the flaming dragon.
by His Grace March 11, 2008
After the guy blows his load in the girls mouth he smacks her in the back of the head causing her to spit it out giving the effect of a dragon breathing fire
I gave that dirty slut Jessica a Flaming Dragon and she sprayed my load all over the wall
by Greg Walton September 5, 2003
During the act of getting head, right before you're ready to ejacultate, you force your dick so far down their mouth that when you shoot your load it is choked on and then expelled, through their nose. At this point, THIS IS THE CRUCIAL PART, you pull out and drive their face into your knee causing them to get a bloody nose.

This will result in semen dripping from the nose with a river of blood following, giving that nice, red, fire look.

My woman wanted to try something new so I gave her a flaming dragon.

The flaming dragon is the best way to say, "Get out of my life, I've found somebody better and you never will because your nose looks hideous!"
by TizzleJizzle December 7, 2008
Aka when a guy is getting head from a girl and right before inevitable ejaculation the guy pulls the girls head down on his beef whistle until his man shaft is penetrating near her nostrils at that point he will let flow forward his jesus juice in such a explosive manner that his man gravy will projaculate out of her nostrils resembling a dragon blowing flames out his nostrils
After an unrestrained flaming dragon i had to take svetlana to the emergency room to get her nose sewed back on.
by lukeb55 March 23, 2006
This can also be achieved by making the female partner laugh, causing the semen to excrete out of her nostrils. This is soimilar to how milk can come out of ones nose after making them laugh.
- I farted while my gf was giving me head and she looked like a flaming dragon.
by Jimjob April 18, 2004
The art of consuming an entire bag of flaming hot Cheetos, and then taking a shit in someone's mouth.. Usually during sex.
"Dude, Bryan!!!! Did you give Barbara the flaming dragon yet?? It's been 3 months!".
by Bbcs/madden13 March 9, 2016