An endangered vampire-like creature with qualities similar to a vilasa raptor from the movie "Jurrasic Park." Flami's are infamous for their short bodies and long tongues. Flami's also have the smallest, cutest feet (stumps) of any other creature in the world.
Jake: Holy s**t! I thought Flami's were extinct!

Aaron: So did I... and look at those stumps!
by ThePod May 26, 2008
Someone who is flamboyant, showy. Usually refers to a male individual.
The flamy ballet instructor always wears a tight spendax in class.
by Alchohol Dehydrogenase December 3, 2006
A grogan of such burning ferocity that you'd give it a record contract just so it leaves you in peace.
That chilli's caused me to I release a Flamy Winehouse and I need it to go platinum now
by Mountbatten BLAMMO™ August 1, 2011
The guys that wax EVERYTHING and say, with emphasis, Heeeeeeeeeeey Guuuuuuuurl, to other flamis homosexualis'
by Sandy McFarland April 7, 2008
Does daily pings for no particular reason.
Flamy, why?
by July 26, 2021
A total cutie!! People with this name tend to be very hot and attractive. Very interactive with everyone, good at EVERYTHING, good at every sport, is very smart as well. People with this name tend to be able to win ANYONE over. Theyre beautiful, a very forgiving person. They’re the sweetest little sweetheart!
She/her pronouns:
Boy 1: flamy's so beautiful

Boy 2: too bad she has a boyfriend

He/him pronouns:
Boy 1: I saw flamy hanging with my girlfriend
Boy 2: don’t even try, he’s already won her over
by The name flamy April 2, 2021